Lockdown Photo Competition

As we are all limited to village wanderings, and it is looking so beautiful at the moment, let's have a village photo competition.



One entry per household, must be recent. All photos will appear here and a copy placed in the village noticeboard.

All photos must submitted to Gail Blackburn via email address photos@littlebollington.org by 16th February 2021. Photo submission window is now closed.



You can vote for your favourite photo from 17th Feb 2021 by emailing Gail Blackburn. Voting closes on 23rd Feb 2021. Voting is now closed.



The winner will receive a copy of the photo painted onto a rock by our very talented local rock painting artist Caroline Thornton.

Photo Winner - by Amanda Watkinson

2nd Place - by Luke Tennant

3rd Place - by Tim Jones

Photo Entries

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