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Parish Meeting

MONDAY 05 DECEMBER, 7.00PM at Little Bollington School


Please join us at the Parish Meeting on 5 December to discuss the following important issues affecting our village and community. 



The meeting will elect a Chair for LBPM. Nominations remain open until the meeting takes place.

The current Chair of LBPM, Giselle Rusted, is leaving the village. The new Chair will serve only for the period until 31 March 2023. On that date Little Bollington Parish Meeting will cease to exist. On 1 April 2023 Little Bollington Community Council will come into existence. Elections for Councillors to serve on the new body will take place on 4 May 2023.


  • £6,000 GRANT

The meeting will consider and select from a number of options for use of the £6,000 granted to Little Bollington from the Community Infrastructure Levy. Options will be circulated in advance.



To appoint a representative to attend the CEC Strategic Planning Board which will determine the application. The Parish Meeting submitted an objection to Cheshire East Council.



To agree steps for closing down LBPM and supporting the new Little Bollington with Agden Community Council


Mike Reed, Parish Clerk, Little Bollington 

A Welcome at the Community Orchard

The Community Orchard has been freshly mowed ready to welcome everyone to gather there tomorrow (Sunday 29 August). There will be a great Hog Roast at the Swan with Two nicks from 1.00pm.


All Little Bollington and local area residents, and their family members and friends, are welcome to pop in to the Community Orchard. This is situated in front of the pub with access from the track leading to Bollington Hall Farm.


This will be an opportunity at last for people from the village and nearby area to get together and socialise after such a long time without community events.


Hope to see you there!

PS Many thanks to Brian Hurd for mowing the orchard.


Lockdown Photo Competition - Winner! - Amanda Watkinson

The winner of the first Little Bollington photo competition is Amanda Watkinson with Photo A. 
Congratulations to a well deserved winner.


Little Bollington photo entries.

Wanted: Old Photos of Little Bollington

Do you have any photos of Little Bollington, Stamford Arms and surrounding area? If so, please contact





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